Top of Finchley Road, with traffic


Archival art print on Hahnemühle German Etching paper – available in A5, A4 and A3.

Started as a sketch on paper, standing at the roadside with my schnauzer Peanut.

Back home, I coloured it using ink, first, then digital (on my iPad).


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The sign on the right encourages passers-by to pop into the Hampstead School of Art, where for a long time I did classes myself.

This sketch was the original prompt to have another go at the same general image: a painting on canvas, which you may be able to see further down this page.

I’m finding it very exciting at the moment to play around with digital art and physical work. The similarities and differences are endlessly fascinating. Some aspects of the work in one medium are easily transferred to the other, but some aspects really aren’t.

I like the speed and convenience of digital. I like the physicality of paint (like making mud pies as a child).


If you have any questions – or comments – please get in touch.

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21cm x 30cm, 8.3inches x 11.7inches, 30cm x 42cm, 11.7inches x 16.5inches, 15cm x 21cm, 5.8inches x 8.3inches


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