“Top of Finchley Road, Twilight” mixed media on canvas


This was an experiment in underpainting. I covered the entire canvas with rose pink, then added layers of white and blue to create a sense of the day ending.

The dark road surface and buildings came next – then the glowing traffic island – but for a long time I stared at the canvas wondering how to fill the lower third of the picture.

Eventually, I decided to paint cars and traffic lights, for additional areas of gleam – and the shadowy figures of a parent and child.


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Original painting, based on a sketch made at the roadside and subsequently coloured on my iPad.

(You should be able to see that drawing on this page somewhere, as a print.)


IMPORTANT: The picture is sold unframed. This mock-up shows it framed only to give you a sense of how it might look:

Shipping to the UK only.



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